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.: Poculum - OOC :.

Here there be Monsters!

3/14/05 03:52 pm - slink

All right, nobody move until I have made the Fu post that I have been intending for about three months now. Pretty please? It won't take long. I hope. I'm just afraid that between now and the time it takes me to get home and type it up (the school library is closing in about three minutes...), someone will change something. But this won't change the plot drastically or anything, so...yeah. Nobody move! ... <.< ... >.> ... <.> Ouch, I didn't know my eyes could go in opposite directions like that...

3/12/05 07:56 pm - argentum_draco - WHEEE!!!1! (cough, cough)

I posted, I posted! Actually, I had written it nearly a week ago, as julia_dreamer can attest to, but I had always forgotten to type it up. Since I had to conform to what nathaara wrote, please tell me if something's wrong or awkward, and I shall fix it. And to comply also to the post before this one, Kaida ran into Sempine on the back stairs, providing that's ok with semchance.

Just a bit about Kaida's past, coupled with a character who will NOT be showing up in the RPG, unless we vist Ignis Mons for some reason. More about Il'sleth will be revealed as the story goes on. (Translation: I decided to stick some random person in there and figure who the heck it is later.) Don't worry, I already have some specs on who Il'sleth is, just not the important ones, like gender... (ahem) Now for something totally different and totally not connected to Mond in any way.


Can you figure out the code?? =^.^=

3/12/05 06:02 pm - nathaara - ...bwah

I made a post.

Just a couple things I'd like to mention about the Dragonwing, for anyone who might be using it.
-There are two entrances. The one normal people use is inside, through the Wandering Witch. The back one is outside, and can be reached through a series of alleyways. Most people don't know about it, or think to use it if they do. However, there is a sign there for the Dragonwing, some someone wandering by might think to go in that way. The thing is, not that many people wander in the alleys.
-This is a note for nefyr. It's small. There would not be a room 412. There would be a room 12, as there are around 15 rooms, but not a 412. No four flights of stairs, either. It's on one floor. I should have made this clear earlier, sorry. The description of the room was good, though.

3/12/05 12:57 pm - semchance

*wanders in*

...yso? 'n tag?

*pokes things with scissors*

Just sort of wanted to poke this and see if it was dead or not. I think people were working on posts, so I'm not worried too much about it being dead. Regardless, I poke it.

*pokes again and wanders off*


2/27/05 05:18 pm - argentum_draco - Que the mental breakdown!!!

Hey, everybody. Greetings to you from the land of boredom!! *ahem* Seeing as no one decided to reply to semchance's Sempine or antag posts, I shall be typing/writing up something for Kaida. Most likely in History on Monday, and not tonight, seeing as I have neglected to do ANY homework this past week, and now have a two-page report in English, two History projects, a term's worth of History homework, a Geometry project, a term's worth of Geometry homework, a term's worth of Chemistry homework I'm not going to do, and.....damn, I think that's it. Oh, I think I might have a Spanish quiz when I get back (like I would actually study).

Dammit, what was I saying....?

Oh, yeah. Don't post. Not that any of you lazy bums were going to anyway...

2/22/05 01:44 pm - semchance - Dawn {and} Fading Fire

...I'm going to lj-cut the Fading Fire part of my post, okay? I'm thinking people's friend's pages will thank me. I just looked at mine and went "...omgwtfbbq, I need to fix that." So antag, check below the cut for our part of the plot, nei-ta?


Ysa, hope you all get to posting soon as well.

Oh! And! Brownie points if you can identify the earl talking to Harrz and/or his manservant.

2/21/05 11:49 am - semchance - Monster Mash

It was a monster mash! It caught on in a flash!

Okay, so, I have a post for Harrz all typed up, and half a post for Sempine all typed up. The good news is, I can finish them both in about ten minutes once I knock out my Chinese. The bad news is, I'm at my mom's office, so the laptop has no A drive or internet access. I won't be able to post them until I get back home. Woe! But I promise I shall post tonight, and after that hopefully everyone else will post too. But for the moment all is quiet (...too quiet.) So, for now, I give you... this.

How Insane Are You?

Created by andy and taken 47652 times on bzoink!

Your problemGenerally Psycotic
Will it be curedMy sources say no

Create a Quizlet | Search Quizlets | Go to bzoink!

...so true, so very true...

Gebenu min allea vin hosenetojn!

2/13/05 09:25 am - slink - Piratae.

Shanorr's post has been finished. Teh yay? On account of it being a ridiculous 2 1/2 pages long, you may not hear from him for a while. New developments: Shanorr is collecting pirates.

If you haven't already figured it out, the pirates Shanorr just recruited are, in fact, what remains of Tarja's (played by griffinfire) crew. The captain and the first mate that were referenced are Tarja and her llama. Their ship was the Alpaca, which has since gone over the edge of the paper world.

There are five crewmembers left, the other dozen or so having perished. Lalokia (the redhead who did most of the talking) is the second mate and the one left in charge. He's originally from Utrimque, as is his aunt Lamach. I may do mini-bios for them. As they are now employed by Egestas, they shall be roaming the seas and recruiting other ships to Shanorr's cause (who shall similarly be NPCs).

2/12/05 05:30 pm - slink

I would request that none of the other antags move time forward much, as I was not able to finish typing my entry and left Shanorr in the middle of a conversation. -.-;;;;; I will edit it and add in the missing stuff tomorrow.

2/12/05 05:55 pm - kaelieseasong

I have a great idea. No, honestly. it's the BEST idea ever!
how about someone posts on Poculum, besides argentum_draco and I? someone needs to....or am I just talking to thin air? You all are probably really busy, but so are we all. Someone post. Or need I take drastic measures?
love to all my peeps,
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