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Anyone still alive here?

Guys... are we ever going to make this thing live again? I'm willing to help organize it and re-setup how we do posts and stuff in order to make it more workable.

Anyone with me? Anyone at all?

Come on, I still have a special place in my heart for Poculum. I know you guys do too. :P
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Recently, there's been some talk of reviving this. Please respond to this post saying you're interseted and willing to keep the committment required - don't get involved again unless you're available almost every night for a bit online.

[EDIT] 16:00: If you do not reply to this post within three days, this will tell me that you're not online often enough to properly participate.

It lives?

Um... so I posted a really short thing for Nessa. It's not much, but considering how long it's been since anyone posted anything I'd say it's quite a bit. At least maybe we can get the story going a bit somewhat? I mean, it's summer, so even if you have some plans you all ought to have spare time that you can spend posting to this thing so... go for it! Make it live!
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NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *comes swinging in on a rope, knocking everyone over*

Hi! I'm back. And I've brought Sempine with me. So... nobody touch anything. I'm going to update my site and then write up a post and then it will be BWAH.

You can all stand up now.

What, me? Jet-lagged and slightly high? Never~!

...okay, I'm better now, and off to make a post as soon as the drugs in my cocoa wear off...

Or maybe post tomorrow. Sorry. The being awake thing? Not turning out so well.
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Tarja post!

Hahahaha! ^_^ *impish smile* It's up. Weekend's not over until 7:25 AM on Monday.

I tried to make Tarja not-quite-leaving so you people have a chance to rope her into whatever you're doing over there if you want to.
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(doing a tribal dance around some pentagrams drawn in pig's blood while chanting something Gregorian) SOMEone WILL post RIGHT now, SOMEone WILL post RIGHT now, SOMEone WILL post RIGHT now.... (bangs on bongos) WHERE the HELL is NEFyr? (stops chanting) He does know that he can post from the library at school, right? Rrrrr.... >< If we're not out of Poculum by the end of vacation, Kaida's leaving without the rest of you. She's going to find Raijir and do stuff. To him. Involving pointy metal objects and gags. ><

.......I need sleep. I'm grumpy.

-_____- zzzZZZZ
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Right... so, I posted. It's pretty short, but I need to see how Sempine and Kaida react to the dead cat -ness. Well, I was informed by semchance that Sempine would want to play with/eat it, so that's in there sort of, but basically that post was just to get Nessa outside.
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okay, notes on my post.
first off
now that we have that out of the way. I had to kill Phali. he needed to die. it couldn't be that easy. but he was kute and fluffy. we shall miss him.
next order of buisness:
Batyra- fuck

questions? comments? concerns? keep them to yourself! (LOL JK! I <3 you all!)

homework time!
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...*shifty eyes*...

Yso. I have half a post typed up for the fluff-ball. It is coming. I swear. I was distracted by Mabyn. She wanted to eat my brains! Especially when I decided not to use her as I intended and tried to file her away where I'd never be bothered by her again. She refuses point-blank. Perhaps she's one of those Muse things the rest of you seem so fond of. Anyway. I can sort of use her here. She can be the one who killed Valter.

...so I post tomorrow-ish. Ysa.

[edit] Woo... see? Is there. Is not up to usual par, but is up for-to be replied to.